Electrolysis Gives You Gorgeous Summer Skin

With summer on its way, is your skin ready for prime time? Today's article examines electrolysis, one of the safest and most affordable ways to permanently achieve the beautiful, smooth skin you desire!

Gorgeous Summer Skin with Electrolysis

With summer on its way, is your skin ready for prime time? Today's article examines electrolysis, one of the safest and most affordable ways to permanently achieve the beautiful, smooth skin you desire!

The benefits of living in Florida are as endless as our blue skies and sunshine. When you live here in paradise, nearly every day is an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather - and our balmy temperatures allow for cute sundresses, bathing suits, and flip flops year-round. However, the downside to our skin being on constant display is the work it takes to shave, depilate, and remove hair from all areas of the body. Staying smooth and sleek is an everyday chore and can even cause us to cover up our problem areas in frustration - unless we opt for a hair removal option such as electrolysis.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a procedure that uses a small metal probe to apply an electric current to individual hair follicles in different areas of the body. This electric current will destroy the hair root, causing the current hair to fall out and preventing any new hair growth from occurring. Although it sounds relatively contemporary, electrolysis has a safety and efficacy record spanning 140 years - that’s quite a reputation!

Did You Know? Science has proven electrolysis to be a permanent solution for all skin types and hair colors - and the most effective hair removal procedure for those with blond, red, or gray hair.

Electrolysis can be used safely on virtually any part of the body. This means individuals can achieve permanent hair removal on their face, underarms, legs, bikini area, arms, back, and more.

There are three primary types of electrolysis. Be sure to check with your practitioner about the electrolysis procedures they provide.  

* Thermolysis: uses heat to destroy the hair root
* Galvanic or Direct Current: uses chemical action to destroy the hair root
* Blend: Combines the above two methods

Can All Hair Be Removed in One Visit?

Patients typically do not experience the results they desire after just one treatment, and most will need to return several times for the most comprehensive results. The number of treatments a specific individual will need will depend on several variables, including the total area of the skin to be treated, the coarseness of the hair, and the past methods to treat the condition.

During the procedure, the practitioner treats individual hair follicles one by one. If there is some hair beginning to grow, but it is not yet visible, it will be missed by the initial treatment. Therefore, although electrolysis permanently removes hair, it may take several visits to remove hair in all stages of growth.

The practitioner may also decide to spread out treatments based upon the individual’s tolerance level and reaction to the procedure.

Wait, Tolerance Level?
Does That Mean Electrolysis Will Hurt?

There is a definite sensation when an electrolysis machine is in operation, typically described by patients as moderate heat or a feeling of tingling or stinging.

That being said, every individual has a different “pain and discomfort” tolerance level. Some people report feeling virtually nothing, while others can be uncomfortable during the treatment. However, most people who have undergone electrolysis consider the reality of permanently smooth, hairless skin well worth the price of any sensations they may have experienced.

However, a professional electrolysis practitioner is experienced in adjusting the machine settings and working within individual comfort levels and tolerance levels and can even provide numbing options. Anyone who is sensitive to these sensations and is anxious about electrolysis for that reason alone should speak with a practitioner about their concerns.

What About Laser Hair Removal?

Using lasers to remove hair is another popular method and is known to be very safe - however, the procedure does have some drawbacks. For instance, lasers work best when the targeted hair is in a growing phase. On some parts of the body, fewer than 50% of the hairs are in a growing phase, which would make ongoing visits necessary with no end in sight.

Also, lasers can be awkward to use on specific body parts and are not a practical “total body” solution. As stated above, lasers are also less effective on grey, blond or red hair, and they also don’t work as effectively on dark or tanned skin.  

Because of these limitations, it can be confidently stated that electrolysis stands alone as the most effective hair removal solution.

Smooth Summer Skin is Within Reach

Continual or heavy hair growth is inconvenient for many, but it can also be a significant source of embarrassment for many Sarasota area residents.

The good news is, there is no reason to face this summer with anything less than self-confidence - electrolysis provides the safest, most effective, and highly effective way to rid yourself of unwanted hair permanently.

Summer is only a couple of months away. Now is the time to schedule your consultation to learn more about how electrolysis can transform your life in the sun.

Call Skin Care Couture today for more information. Our Clinical Electrologist practices Thermolysis in our Sarasota skincare clinic.


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