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Corrective Skin Therapies

Corrective Skin Therapies  are customized , and treat specific skin conditions for a desired effect.

Microphototherapy & LED    
FSD sends gentle pulses of light and heat energy deep into your skin to bring back that natural, radiant glow. Increase elasticity, stimulate collagen regrowth and decrease pore size with the added benefit of a Bio Molecular Mask & Light Therapy.

Dermaplaning  A simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the upper layers of the skin, with an added benefit of removing the vellous hair (peach fuzz) which can trap oil and dirt.

Microneedle / CIT Rejuvenates the skin. Improves Acne Scarring. Increases absorption of active ingredients. Using a technique in which multiple, tiny micro-needles are applied to the skin, creating a controlled “damage” forcing the skin to rejuvenate and repair itself through collagen stimulation.  We recommend a series for maximum results.

Photo Light Therapy -LED Delivers low intensity light energy similar to a process called photosynthesis, stimulating the body’s natural process to regenerate cells. Improves skin tone and texture, refining pores & softening scarring.  Treatment includes mini facial.

Neurotris Microcurrent safe, painless, non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that helps tone, lift and firm loss of muscle back to its original position and shape.  The Pilates facial work out !  

DMK Enzyme Treatment A skin revision treatment therapy to help remove cellular debris, rebuild new cells, protect and maintain your newly revised skin, Plus a 30 day Home Prescriptive Regimen.  

Environ Corrective Skin Therapy A synergy of  vitamins A C & E to help stimulate collagen synthesis and promote & repair all skin conditions.  Must be on Environ Skin Care for a positive outcome.

Exfoliating Peels range from Mild - Med - High and are formulated for individual skin to achieve a desired result.  Must have an Enzyme Treatment prior to any level of Peels.

First we stabilize the skin and regulate the dysfunctions that contribute to the acne condition by removing blockages under the skin and regulating oil flow and cell turnover.   Experience  clear,  acne-free skin with DMK's unique, advanced home solution for treating acne with real, lasting results.  

dermaplane procedure
Dermaplane Treatment
DMK Enzyme Treatment
DMK Enzyme Treatment
Acne treatment before and after
Acne Treatment
Spa Facial
Spa Facials
Oxigeneo Facial
Oxigeneo Facial

Spa Facials ( 60 min )

SC Signature Spa Facial   Tailored to treat your individual skin concerns with a full skin evaluation, followed by a personalized skin treatment while in a serene and soothing environment that will delight your senses and lower your stress levels.    

5 Layer Firming Facial with Micro Peel   This facial is a European Classic, provides an instant trigger to younger looking skin using nutrient-rich fresh water seaweed minerals, vitamins & trace elements to nurture, firm & rejuvenate.  Includes a gentle micro peel.

OXYGENEO +     A real Red Carpet Treat.  Exfoliation + Oxygenation + Infusion using specialized gels to gently remove dead cells and improve texture, restore volume, revitalize, plump, brighten & hydrate. We highly recommend adding our highly active Stem Cell Infusion for optimal results.

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Relax & Rejuvenate

Infrared Body Therapy - FIT

Relax and unwind as you lay in a warm, cocooned bed filled with Infrared heat prepped just for you.

Benefits with FIT Bodywrap

Detoxification –
Sweat produced during infrared sessions can contain as much as 20% fats and toxins.

Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction – Lose more than just water weight and rebuild collagen, which can reduce the appearance and accumulation of cellulite.

Pain Relief – 70% reduction in pain levels just after your first infrared session!

Rejuvenation – Improve the condition of the skin through metabolism, oxygenation, and increased blood flow.

Relaxation – Infrared can aid in providing profound relaxation by maintaining healthy levels of cortisol in the body.

Detoxify, Relax, Rejuvenate
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